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Legislation from the European Medical Agency (EMA) and the FDA (Paediatric Study Plan (PSP)) aims to safeguard patients against unacceptable tasting or unpalatable medicine. Sensory and consumer research must become an integral part of your product development to ensure palatability of your medicine.

Expert Panels for Profiling

They are used to describe test products in detailed sensory terms, from which we obtain a descriptive sensory profile.

Consumer Research for Palatability Testing

When a consumer provides a hedonic reaction to your product, they measure the palatability or the acceptability of it.

Consultancy / Training Services

SRLPharma provide consultancy services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies keeping their research in-house.

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Sensory and Consumer Science Experts

  • Providing sensory evaluation and consumer research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

  • Safely executing studies that profile and measure palatability of medicinal products, we are located in Ireland and operate internationally to strict ICH-GCP guidelines.
  • Leverage our experience, and innovative techniques when you partner with us.


The palatability of medicines is one of the most important factors likely to influence patients’ compliance and adherence to therapeutic regimens and outcomes. The European Medicines Agency has defined palatability as “the overall appreciation of an (often oral) medicinal product in relation to its smell, taste, aftertaste and texture (i.e. feeling in the mouth), determined by the characteristics of the active substance, the way the active substance is formulated into a finished medicinal product, and by the characteristics of the excipients”.

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Paediatric Implementation Plan

The Paediatric Regulation which came into force in the EU in 2007 aims at encouraging manufacturers to develop medicines for children’s specific therapeutic needs.

The regulations oblige developers to provide specific plans (PIP – Paediatric Implementation Plan) to show how they intend to develop their medicine for use by children. Elements such as the inclusion of a description of the measures to be carried out and a description of how the medicine’s formulation will be adapted to make its use more acceptable to children is required.

In the plan, the needs of all age groups, from birth to adolescence, as well as the timings of these measures in children compared to adults needs to be considered.

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