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SRL Pharma is the centre of excellence for sensory trials

SRLPharma is the centre of excellence for sensory trials. As a privately owned, dedicated sensory & consumer science CRO, we are leading the way in providing the sensory evaluation and consumer research needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We operate a unique business model whereby we combine our expertise in sensory and consumer science for the FMCG sector, with our clinical trials research knowledge and experience, both of which are required to safely execute sensory and consumer science studies for medicinal products.

Using our unique pharma protocols and methodologies we are highly experienced working in the areas of descriptive sensory profiling, taste research, palatability measurement for formulated mainstream and orphan medicine, for API’s and excipients.

We are located at University College Cork, Ireland, where we provide the turn-key solution for the provision of sensory and consumer science services to the pharmaceutical community through our partnership with UCCs School of Pharmacy and the HRB Clinical Research Facility at the Mercy Hospital, Cork (HRB CRF-C) where we have the necessary support and infrastructure required when working with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

All of our studies, as well as being approved by an Independent Ethics Committee or an Institutional Review Board (IRB), are performed to GCP standard (ICH- GCP Clinical Trial Directives) and to the highest level of patient/volunteer safety and quality. Regulated studies are also approved by the HPRA (Health Product Regulatory Authority of Ireland. We have partnered, collaborated and established links with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, the CRO community, academic institutes (such as the University of London) and the EuPFI, all of whom are at the forefront of research in this area.

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Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of qualified and experienced sensory scientists, consumer research professionals and clinical trials SME’s have many years of industry and academic experience supporting our clients in an approachable, scientific, confidential and ethical manner.

Specifically, for regulated studies, strict oversight is managed and maintained by our Chief Investigator and our Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Margaret Shine CEO: LinkedIn
Liz Sheehan Director of Sensory & Consumer Research: LinkedIn

Chief Investigator

All clinical research activities are overseen by our Chief Investigator who has experience in over 300 Phase 1 to 3 clinical trials to GCP standard (ICH- GCP Clinical Trial Directives).

As part of this oversight and so that our clients can be assured that all research is carried out to the highest level of patient/volunteer safety and quality, a risk assessment of all proposed research is made, all protocols are reviewed and applications to relevant authorities such as the Independent Ethics Committee and the HPRA are made.

Our Commitment

“The information we provide to our customers may affect global decisions, can have a major impact on companies financial performance; therefore, at SRLPharma we only deliver sound business solutions by the use of cutting edge, reliable, scientific and ethical research.”

Margaret Shine, CEO of SRLPharma

Documentation and Quality Oversight

Documentation such ICF (Informed Consent Form), CRF (Case Report Form), SOPs and all documents relevant to GCP (Good Clinical Practice) are prepared by our experienced pharma team. Quality oversight, audit trails and data management are key elements of our process.

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