Nonfood Sensory Practices - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780128219393‘Sensory Properties of Medicinal Products’ (Chapter 17)

Sensory science as it is currently used within the development process for medicinal products is described.  It is well acknowledged that the use of human panels to evaluate the sensory characteristics and palatability of medicinal products remains the undisputed gold standard. However, there are restrictions as to when and how the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) can be tasted.  This chapter describes how sensory methods may not be limited to those that involve tasting alone. Methods using other sensory modalities, such as that of smell, may also be useful at key stages in providing product development guidance. In addition, the challenges due to safety and ethical considerations encountered while using methods traditionally used within the food industry, as well as the solutions used to overcome them, are discussed.  Areas for further exploration and research are considered and it is acknowledged that existing sensory methodologies may require refinement and development specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.