Delivering high-quality, safe and consistent sensory & consumer research.

We are very proud to announce that we, as one of the only companies globally providing the sensory evaluation and consumer research needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, have obtained the ISO 13485:2016 certificate. Combining our expertise in sensory and consumer science, with our clinical trials research knowledge and experience, we have implemented and successfully been certified to the ISO 13485:2016 quality management system standard. We have developed and implemented our quality management system in order to make sure that we have considered all possible risks towards patient safety, and taken the necessary measurements to avoid them.

Our decision to work towards the ISO 13485:2016 certification demonstrates our commitment to providing a high-quality, safe and consistent service to our clients.

To see our ISO 13485:2016 certificate, click SRLPharma Ltd ISO13485 CertA1 ED2022